Thursday, 27 November 2014

Chisel Plough for Sale In Kenya

Chisel Plough:

A Chisel Plough Implement is basically used in easily any kind of tractor. The main role of Chisel Plough is to loosen and aerate the soil, leaving crop residues on the top floor.

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Chisel Plough Specifications

  • Heavy steel box V-type frame without bolt and nut.
  • Three easily replaceable tines designed to penetrate up to 20'' without much effort.
  • Shovels easily replaceable.
  • Working width 1.20m (Meters).
  • Tractor compatibility 50-85 Horse power (hp)
  • Thursday, 2 October 2014

    Massey Ferguson MF 375 Tractors for Sale

    Tractor Provider provides tractors of popular brands like Massey Ferguson which is very common in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, etc. We are offering Massey Ferguson MF-375 tractors at negotiable price..

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    Saturday, 12 July 2014

    Massey Ferguson 460 4WD Tractors for Sale

    Massey Ferguson 460 4WD Tractors for Kenya MF 460 4WD Tractors for Kenya

    Buy Massey Ferguson 460 4WD Tractor which is available with huge savings exclusively for Kenyan formers, dealers and agricultural suppliers. This brand new MF-460 4WD, 105 hp (Horse Power) available in our stock extra features are like Hydraulic System, Spring Suspension Seat etc.

    Model / Type
    Horse Power Year t/m Eng Colour Extras
    Massey Ferguson MF 460 4WD 105 2013 MT Red 105 Horse Power,
    Hydraulic System,
    Spring Suspension Seat,

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    Friday, 9 May 2014

    Massey Ferguson Tractors and Agricultural Equipments for Kenya

    MF 350 50 Hp new Tractors
    MF 375, 75 Hp New Tractors
    MF 385, 85 Hp 4WD New Tractors
    MF 50 Hp New Tractors
    MF 75 Hp New Tractors
    MF 85 Hp New Tractors
    MF 240 50Hp Used Tractors for Kenya
    MF 260  60Hp Used Tractors for Kenya
    MF 385 2WD  85 Hp Used Tractors for Kenya
    MF 50Hp Used Tractors
    MF 60Hp Used Tractors
    MF 85 Hp Used Tractors

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    Tractor providers, one of the best suppliers of brand new and used Massey Ferguson Tractors and agricultural implements exclusively for Kenya at highly competitive price.

    Saturday, 3 May 2014

    MF 260 Tractor for sale in Kenya- Ready Stock

    Buy Massey Ferguson 260 Model 2004, Turbo 60HP tractor and Get USD1200 DISCOUNT and 50% OFF on Post Hole Digger.

     Kenyan tractor dealers and farmers have a golden opportunity to buy this tractor at highly discounted price. This is limited time offer so hurry up! 

    CIF Price Kenya USD12,000/-

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    Thursday, 3 April 2014

    Disc Plough Implement For Sale In Kenya

    Disc Plough:

    A Disc Plough Implement is basically used in farm, where it is used deep roots in soil. Disc Plough is attach with tractors.

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    Disc Plough Implement for saleDisc Plough Specifications

    1. Frame Type: Tubular Seamless Steel Pipe
    2. Number of furrow: 2, 2 + 1, 3, 3+1
    3. Furrow Width: 254 mm
    4. Max working depth: 300 mm
    5. Longitudinal clearance: 522 mm
    6. Furrow Wheel dia: 508 mm
    7. Plain discs 660 mm-inside or outside bevel
    8. Bearings Taper roller
    9. Weight 360 kg (3 Furrow)
    10. Tractor 50 to 85 HP.